Your Barbie Goddess

My neverending adventures...


       Hi!  Welcome to my personal site.  Join me as I share my daily struggles, adventures, achievements, or even simple encounters with different kinds of creatures.  This site is created to serve as an outlet for all my emotions.  This is a perfect tool to blurt out what I feel.  I have the liberty to share not only about my feelings, but also about my interests, what I am up to, and anything under the sun :-) 


 -My close friends and colleagues call me "Barbie" or "Jas."


- I am a sportswriter turned educator (I teach English 8) in a public school in AntipoloCity.


- I manage my own in-home tutorials business.


-I am happily married with three kids.  

-Other people may find me weird or eccentric, but if you will get the chance to know me, you will discover my positive traits.


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